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      I raised a complaint with Optimax earlier this year following Refractive Lens Exchange surgery (lens replacement) in both eyes less than a year ago.

      Prior to surgery I only wore glasses for distance (e.g. driving) and had excellent reading and near vision. However, following the procedures my reading and near vision in both eyes were adversely affected.

      Pre surgery the Optimax Consultant, Mr Manzar Saeed, told me the lenses they intended to use would provide me a 9.5 out of 10 vision compared to what I was achieving with my distance glasses, with ‘excellent reading and near vision’, and this was the outcome I was expecting but didn’t get.

      At my first aftercare appointment, when I highlighted the issues with my reading & near vision the Optometrist advised this was due to my brain still needing to adjust to see black & white through the lenses.

      At the next appointment the Optometrist said my vision had worsened further and there was cloudiness on the lens, which would need YAG laser to clear it. I was surprised when they told me I would have to pay an extra £790 for this procedure as I thought that all aftercare was included in the original cost, but their advertised claim of ‘Lifetime Aftercare’ is not what it suggests.

      As I couldn’t afford this additional cost they told me I could have it done on the NHS, and provided a referral letter.

      After YAG laser on the first eye I experienced no improvement to my vision.

      I had a follow up appointment with the NHS Consultant, who advised that although the procedure had been successful, the issues with my vision were due to a refractive error with the lens. In view of this he advised there was no point having the YAG laser on my second eye as the outcome would be the same.

      He also said that Optimax should not be telling patients they will have excellent vision following the RLE procedure, as I was told in my consultation before agreeing to proceed.

      Optimax has since confirmed that once YAG has been carried out it makes it more difficult to explant problem lenses, which Optimax did not tell me before agreeing to have the YAG, so this may restrict any chances of getting my vision improved.

      In view of this I raised a formal complaint with Optimax in May, and was disappointed that the Consultant, Mr Manzar Saeed, could not see me until over 2 months later.

      When we finally met, he said my eyesight was ‘perfect’, although conceded that it was only an 8 out of 10, and not the outcome I had expected when I reminded him that it was he who said I would have excellent reading and near vision as a result of the procedures. He said there may be some things they could tweak to try to improve my vision and would refer my details to their Head Optometrist.

      Initially Mr Manzar Saeed said the solution was to wear glasses or contact lenses, which I told him was not an acceptable solution. Not only would I have to wear glasses more frequently than before I had surgery, but the whole point of undergoing Lens surgery was to not to have to wear glasses at all.

      Following this Optimax advised me to trial a contact lens in one eye with the possibility of laser surgery for monovision, making my non dominant eye long sighted, for near vision.

      I am obviously very unhappy with this situation and waiting to hear what they suggest next.

      Thank you so much for posting your review and contributing to our forum. If you haven’t yet done so, we would highly recommend that you contact Sasha Rodoy who is Patient Advocate at My Beautiful Eyes Foundation and is leading the campaign for UK Government regulation of the Refractive Eye Surgery industry.

      Here are the details if you wish to contact Sasha: sasha@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk


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      Before surgery I had excellent distance vision but needed glasses for reading, computer, close up work etc… I decided to have lens replacement surgery on both eyes, which made my sight absolutely awful. I then paid extra to Optimax for YAG laser on both eyes, then had Lasek to my right eye only.

      Three years later, although I don’t need glasses for reading anymore, my distance vision is terrible and very blurred. I have out of focus patches that float about my eyes and move when I move my eyes. I have not driven since the first operation as I can’t see the road signs well enough until they are so close that it is too late to take any necessary action. Any time day or night when reduced visibility means drivers have their vehicle lights on is a nightmare as the halos are so bright and I have to look down to the floor to avoid the glare…

      Each morning I have to engage my brain and stop myself just opening my eyes, as I previously had done for over 60 years, as now my eyes are so dry and feel like the eyelid is stuck to the eyeball, especially my right eye which is worse. I have to physically and gently ease my eyes open using my finger, otherwise it feels very painful, like ripping a plaster off.

      Before surgery my eyes used to water if it was cold or windy, and I told Optimax this, I hadn’t a clue it was something very inappropriately named Dry Eye, but the symptoms I described to them should have been recognisable as they’re supposed to be the experts! My Dry Eye is now very much worse and I wear clear safety glasses when I go out running if it’s cold or windy, and sunglasses if it’s sunny otherwise I wouldn’t be able to carry on with this activity as it’s almost impossible to run whilst wiping your eyes, blowing your nose, and seeing where you are going. I have had to stop clay pigeon shooting as my distance vision is so poor, sold all my equipment, specialist clothing and my gun is at present in a gun shop awaiting a buyer.

      Having lens replacement has ruined my life and made me feel so upset as the money I used was left to me by my Mum who very sadly died. Lens replacement at Optimax was, by far, the worst decision of my life, and I will be reminded of this every single day I open my eyes.

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      Hi Treebs,

      I am so sorry to hear about your experience and i totally understand, i had my lense replacement procedure just over three months ago – Prior to surgery I only wore glasses for distance (e.g. driving, going to the cinema, concerts, etc) and had excellent reading and near vision. However, following the procedures my reading and near vision in both eyes are very bad, besides the constant discomfort while working on any screen.

      I have been back to my doctor 4 times now, and he keeps on saying that the procedure was successful and i can see that he is not sure of what to do. So i really want to hear how are you doing now? did you have any further correction done?

      Best regards,


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      This was posted on Ultralase Eye Clinic Reviews – Trustpilot

      6 Jan 2023
      had lens replacements they did not fit…
      had lens replacements they did not fit the left eyed lens properly and since i ve had 6 operations on the left eye and 2 on the right eye i ve travelled to cardiff 20 times and bristol once my last visit to cardiff last march they said theres nothing more they can do and my brain would have to adapt to all the floaters a shocking service

      Date of experience: 06 January 2023

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