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Owned by wealthy businessman Russell Keith Ambrose (pictured above), 'Optimax Clinics Limited' & 'UltralaseUK' make vast profits from the sale of elective vision correction procedures, sold with lies to trusting customers not fully informed of the very serious risks of laser and lens replacement surgery!

And when they find out too late, little or nothing is done to remedy the problems with complaining customers offered the cheapest option for Optimax (not the most suitable option for the patient) - occasionally offering a refund IF they sign a gagging order! - leaving only the NHS to turn to.

This is an UNREGULATED and highly profitable industry, controlled by corrupt businessmen who have no concern for the victims left with permanently damaged vision and lives shattered! 

Sasha Rodoy
Campaigner and Patient Advocate at My Beautiful Eyes Foundation

In early 2011, Sasha's eyes were irreparably damaged by Optimax during incorrectly prescribed refractive eye surgery. Optimax tried to persuade her that this was a very rare case but she soon realised this was far from the truth. In fact, many had tried to post their terrible experiences online but their reviews were being deleted.

In January 2012, Sasha launched the 'My Beautiful Eyes' campaign calling for the UK government to regulate the refractive eye surgery industry.  As a result, Sasha was inundated by people asking for advice and sharing their experiences which further led her to set up the 'My Beautiful Eyes Foundation', a non-profit organisation dedicated to offering help and advice relating to refractive eye surgery (both pre and post op).

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