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      Less than 2 years ago I had such a happy fulfilled life, a 34 year old woman with everything to live for.  My partner and I had just bought a new house and were building a solid stable family life for our 2 very young children.

      Laser surgery was something I had always considered, mainly due to my eyes rejecting contact lenses, and I visited Optimax Finchley Road clinic in September 2019 for my initial consultation where they sold me a dream, and the procedure was booked for the following month, at Optimax Milton Keynes clinic with Dr Sajjad Mughal.

      In October 2019 the dream turned into a nightmare, one I am still living, because the true risks of the surgery were never disclosed to me, and I agreed to this surgery after being ill advised and uninformed.

      These are just some  of the problems I am now left with:

      • Permanent dry eyes, which I medicate hourly with various drops and lubricants.
      • Meibomian Gland Dysfunction
      • Corneal abrasions, which I now understand are caused by dry eyes.
      • Sharp horrific pain with no warning of onset, and this also happens when I wake in the night and open my eyes without tear film because of the MGD.
      • Light sensitivity.
      • Chronic migraine, which I am self-medicating almost daily with pain killers.

      I suffer with broken sleep due to panic attacks at night, unable to stop worrying that I am going to go blind.

      For 16 months I have been chasing Optimax to find a resolution for my problems, and over the first 6 months I was assured by Dr Sajjad Mughal that my symptoms would get better with time.

      9 months in and I demanded to see the medical director (Dr Balasubramaniam Ilango) who advised a single month course of FML steroid drops (Yes… Fuck My Life.) These masked my condition for the duration, however on completing the course my symptoms all returned.

      From this point I started to push for 3rd party advice from an expert corneal abrasion specialist. Lo and behold, more than a year in Optimax claim to have a dry eye specialist in their employ, Dr Christopher Stephenson and I travel to the Optimax/Ultralase Harley Street clinic to meet him, where I am told to continue the steroid drops for yet another 3 months.

      I have had 17 visits to various Optimax clinics over the last 16 months since I put my vision, my happiness, my life – and in turn my family’s life – in their hands.

      Even though fully aware of my anguish, suffering, and daily torment, I have only once received a call from Optimax to see how I was doing.  This call was prompted by the customer care team once my partner complained of the lack of empathy and aftercare for my situation.

      With their only contact being in response to my emails and phone calls, I should not have to be be doing all the chasing. They have shown no concern for my distress. The customer care team initially told me that all correspondence should be handwritten! You cannot speak with anyone directly, left feeling isolated and alone with the trauma you are suffering.

      My enjoyment of life has literally been drained from me, and 16 months on I am suffering from depression. My confidence is shattered and I have a general feeling of low self-esteem. When I should be enjoying the time with my 2 young children I find that I am just wanting to lock myself away in a dark room.

      This has had a knock on effect on my entire family, and a burden that will continue to hurt my partner and my 2 innocent little babies.

      My partner has battled with Optimax for the last 12 months. His latest request was for my outstanding finance agreement to be voided so that I can quit my job, because staring at a computer screen all day with the aforementioned symptoms only exacerbates the suffering and has become unendurable.

      This request was finally met with a settlement agreement letter offering a full refund, absolving Russell Keith Ambrose and Optimax from any further legal action.

      We hadn’t asked for compensation and I haven’t spoken with a solicitor. But based on their letter below legal advice has to be my next course of action, and I would appreciate any advice you can offer.

      Please do your research before ever considering placing your vision and psychological wellbeing in the hands of these butchers.

      Ensure you are fully informed and that you understand the real risks. Remember, the aftermath will not only affect you but your whole family.

      Russell Keith Ambrose and Optimax wish to silence the patients going through these ordeals so as not to lose new business. (See highlighted text in settlement letter below.) Obviously they won’t share the horror stories with potential new customers, but surely any physician has a duty of care to point out the real risks of any medical procedure?


      Optimax Settlement Agreement

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      Hello Tash.

      Your review is gratefully appreciated on this forum and thank you for including a scan of the settlement letter.
      My advice in the 1st instance would be to contact Patient Advocate Sasha Rodoy at My Beautiful Eyes Foundation. Her email address is:

      Please come back and update us on your progress.



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