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      Shokat rehman

      Hi I went for what was basic lasik eye surgery in 2002 February at ultralase in Newcastle.My eyesight was -12

      prior to treatment when I had treatment I thought I was superman little did I know over a period of say 10 years after my eye deteriorated with every year or 2 going to -9 I am worried where is this going to stabilise.

      my night vision is awful I cannot drive at night everything is not clear the roads road signs pavements etc. ultralase only gave me on follow up appointment 6 months after treatment.

      I do not know what the future will be please god I do not lose my eyesight if they is any guardian angel out they who can help me that would be great.

      Last words never ever damage your eyes by going to these back street cowboys you only have one set of eyes it’s better you stay with glasses or contact lenses.


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