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      I had lasik in 2001 at Optimax performed by Manek Patel and only found out in 2019 that I shouldn’t have had it done as my corneas were too thin.

      I had to start wearing glasses again within two years of the surgery, and am on annual recall with my local optician, so that’s new glasses every year costing at least £200. The high prescription lenses have to be greatly thinned to fit the frames.

      When I was eventually referred to the Western Eye Hospital in London in 2019, they said I shouldn’t have had laser eye surgery as my eyes were not suitable.

      Glasses are mostly useless for me now as I can’t see out of my left eye with them no matter how high the prescription, currently minus 14 dioptres, but I still need to wear them when I can’t tolerate contact lenses because my eyes get so dry. I have cornea ectasia, and my cornea in my left eye is so thin it’s not suitable for cross-linking and continues to deteriorate.

      I get floaters, dry eyes, and balance issues that I guess is caused by the difference in vision in both eyes. The dry eyes are the worse, causing my contact lenses to hurt if I wear too long.

      The funny thing is back in 2001 Optimax advertised the reason you would get Lasik vs PRK/Lasek was based on your prescription, and said my prescription was too high for PRK. Yet now I’m told PRK/Lasek is more suitable for thinner corneas. I think they just wanted more money as Lasik was the more expensive treatment.

      I also recall during the surgery, after the surgeon had done the right eye, the nurse asked should she change the setting for the left eye, but he said “no leave it”. So he basically screwed up my eye with negligence.

      I never went back to complain as I just assumed I was one of the unlucky ones it hadn’t worked for. I also didn’t want a repeat surgery as I’d had pain afterward that was almost like when the dentist hits a nerve, except it was in my eye and would shoot through me. Either way I wish I’d never got it done.

      Back then it cost £200 for toric contact lenses, and now I’d be able to get daily disposables, but instead I’m stuck with uncomfortable eyes, bad balance and floaters. I hate wearing my contacts because of the dry eyes, but without them I can’t see further than my arm.I did recommend it to a friend at the time and he thank god has had no problems, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend laser surgery to anyone now, after all the years I’ve had battling to be heard when I say that I cannot see ☹️

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