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      pav kaur

      I had laser eye surgery one year ago. After two days of the surgery I developed a wrinkle in my left eye that left me with blurred vision. It resolved with time but two months after the surgeon had signed me off my eye relapsed. I demanded to see a surgeon but was told I had to see an optometrist first despite having blurred cloudy vision, and the receptionist on the phone agreed I needed to see a surgeon.  She then cancelled, changed her mind, and cancelled my appointment and told me told it is not procedure to see the surgeon first despite my telling her that this was an ongoing issue and wasn’t a new problem and when someone’s vision suddenly deteriorates and becomes cloudy one must see a doctor. They said because I had been signed off I would have to see an optom and pay £50.  The aftercare provided by Optimax is unacceptable, and as a healthcare professional myself I know when a patient should be immediately referred to a doctor. I am truly disgusted. My eyes have been red raw and blood shot but Optimax has no care.

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      Hello Pav.

      The surgeon should be seeing you at this point not an optometrist and you should probably complain to the GMC.
      I recommend that you contact Patient Advocate Sasha Rodoy at My Beautiful Eyes Foundation who will be able to help you.
      Email sasha@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk

      Please come back to update us.


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      My brother had LASIK surgery at OPTIMAX in 2014 bcuase he was starting to have trouble reading small print -not that bad but OPTIMAX signed him up. Big mistake!! The LASIK made his eyes worse so later they told him to have LENS EXCHANGE. He payed for this and now he has blurred vision-glare-dry eye disease-Meibomian gland dysfunction-Posterior Capsular Opacification and told by the NHS that he needs YAG laser!! We asked OPTIMAX for help but they said he was out of his time and had to pay for any more treatment. He has depression and lost his job 2 years ago because he worked nights and couldnt drive or see well in the dark.  This company DOES NOT CARE!! They ruined my brothers life and I am very happy to read they might go bust soon!!

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      Unhappy Optimax Patient

      I wonder can someone help me please?

      I had surgery earlier this year and have serious problems but Optimax are telling me not to worry. If I email you, can you guarantee that my details will be kept confidential? I’m worried that if Optimax know that I’m talking to someone else, they will stop treatment.


      Yes, you are safe to email us as we guarantee strictest confidentiality unless you give us written permission otherwise.

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