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      I’m very concerned… can anyone advise on whats going on with Optimax? I’ve just been told that it doesn’t have insurance in place. How can they continue to trade without insurance? surely this isn’t legal!


      Is this true?🤔


      Russell Ambrose has now confirmed he does have insurance – like pulling teeth to get the admission!

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      My mother had eye operations at Optimax this year and it was the worst thing she ever did in her life. She has so many problems and cant drive but they won’t let her  see a doctor only opticians . She is paying for expensive travel every time they tell her to go to London just to tell her  to wait a bit longer for it to get better. I spoke to three solicitors but they all told me they cant help because the company is not insured to operate. I dont know how this can be or what to do. I dont know where to go with this and I am desperate to help my mother. Can anyone help me please?


      Russell Ambrose has now confirmed he does have insurance. Email me for solicitor details who can help you or

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      I have tried to post a letter from the CVA company managing the Optimax CVA but it won’t allow. Have sent it in email yesterday. Would appreciate if you could please reply and let me know if you received it?

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