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      Mr Magoo


      I’m still having treatment with Optimax so cannot give my real name at the moment, but this is what has happened so far and is ongoing.

      I had both lenses replaced by Optimax in May – on my first check up I was told that I had healed too quickly and would need Yag laser to remove some clouding – on my second check up I was told I would need the Yag Laser and then laser to correct the prescription and on my third check I was told I just needed Yag on my left eye.

      The manager then insisted that I pay for both eyes to be Yagged and if the other wasn’t required they would refund me. I refused.

      I have never seen the same optician twice. Each time the advice is different.

      At this point I began to feel that something was not right with the service and found this Facebook page plus the Sasha Rodoy site and was shocked.

      I began having headaches, extreme light sensitivity and felt there was pressure on my eyes like someone pressing their thumbs into them, so went in again to see the optician who said that I had dry eye and that my eyes were not functioning together causing the problems. He suggested that I should wear glasses ! He also stated that I did not need any laser surgery in his opinion. Expressing that I was not happy he has referred me back to the surgeon who did the work – this is ongoing and I am awaiting the appointment.

      Although my eyesight is improved the side effects are not worth the trauma, and in hindsight, I wish I has stuck with glasses.

      I would just like to warn anybody who is considering this, or knows someone who wants it done to stop and realise that there is no going back once they have operated on you. I worry now that my eyes will become worse and that it will be placed on the NHS to try and sort it out as I have no confidence in Optimax.

      There was no mention of the side effect from Optimax before just the standard 95% safe claim – also no mention of it being an unregulated industry.

      I have spoken to Sasha and her advice was very helpful.

      I will update you as things progress




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