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      Prior to surgery I had a very small reading prescription and excellent unaided distance vision.
      When I went to Optimax for a consultation I was advised that laser vision correction wasn’t possible and Lens Replacement surgery was recommended because they claimed it would prevent cataracts in later life and I wouldn’t need laser top-ups in the future (words to that effect).

      Assured by both optometrist and surgeon (Dr Samer Hamada) that my reading vision would be corrected I had the operations in November 2019, less than 2 weeks after my 46th birthday – too young unless I had cataracts!

      Post surgery research revealed the true extent of how dangerous this UNREGULATED INDUSTRY actually is and how little Optimax disclose to their patients about the possible serious side effects and complications from these ops.

      Ghosting, halos, flares, dry eyes, blurry vision were the results I was left with within a few days of surgery and I mentioned these issues on every follow up appointment I had and I was regularly told ‘you’re still in the recovery period, your eyes will adjust’ – they didn’t!

      Please do not believe it when they tell you these problems are very rare, because I have learned that they are ALL actually very common!

      Approximately 6 to 8 months post op (despite being told initially the recovery period was 3 to 4 months) my sight was still awful and I was given YAG laser treatment which I was assured would get rid of my cloudy vision (which it didn’t – although it did cost me a further £400 for the experience!).

      A couple of months later I was told by their Medical Director (Dr Balasubramaniam Ilango) that I needed laser surgery, but 3 days prior to this appointment I was told by the surgeon (Dr Mohammad Ghassan Ayoubi) that the laser would NOT correct my issues. Yep, sounds like the Circus was in town doesn’t it!

      I’ve gone from having a minor prescription for reading and computer work to now not being able to see anything at any distance with any clarity (near/intermediate/distance). The halos and glare are terrible, especially at night and my peripheral vision has been affected to the point where I can’t see a person standing to the left of me… and the dry eyes I’m left with are a complete nightmare despite using drops frequently every  day.

      I paid over £6500 to Optimax to improve my vision but have instead been left with worse vision AND debilitating side effects that I don’t think are rectifiable.

      I took out a finance agreement and Optimax have offered to cancel this and give me back what I’ve paid to them so far – £1,470!!  But only if I sign this agreement (see attached image)!

      I am pursuing legal action.

      Settlement letter extract

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      I’m going through more or less the same but in reverse. My near site was fine now terrible. Looking into pursuing it legally.

      Don’t sign that agreement what ever you do.

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      Mrs L

      I’d chosen Ultralase for a lens exchange operation because I’d read about Optimax being in financial trouble and I wasn’t going to risk losing my money in case they suddenly closed down. Then I listened to a video on Twitter and was shocked to hear that Ultralase is the SAME COMPANY!! I won’t be going back to Ultralase-OR any company now after reading about what can go wrong 🙁  Im so sorry that you have problems but thank you very much for sharing this important information.

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      Leigh, your story is alot simlar to my experience with optimax for my IOL surgery. I also had, and still have, the exact same conditions you mention in your message. It was 2016 when i had surgery. There weren’t any problems with the surgery at the time and everything was, i thought, going well until a couple of weeks after the implants. i expected dry eyes and ghosting for a few weeks but it never seemed to get any better. Infact the dry eyes got increasingly worse and to this day are a major issue for me. The ghosting and halos and flashes i have learned to live with but it has ruined my happiness and everyday i blame myself for being stupid and choosing to have the procedure – i still have to wear glasses all the time because of Optimax i also have to live with those side affects. I have a strong support bubble and needed counselling to cope with the dark place i was in after the realisation had set in. Optimax offered no support at all. The only positive that has come from this is the amount of people i have prevented from having vision correction at any of the eye surgery places like Optimax and Optical Express.  If i was to hazzard a guess it must be around 20 to 30 people i have discouraged from having laser surgery or IOL implants over the past 5 years.  It doesnt make my life any easier but it gives me pleasure knowing it could be one less person going through what we are going through. I hope you get a good result through your legal route. Good luck

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