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      Guy Martin

      Having Lasek surgery at the age of 24 in 2008 with Optimax (performed by Manek Patel) was the worst decision of my life, by far.

      The complications I am stuck with for life are: very poor quality vision due to haze and loss of contrast sensitivity including loss of colour perception; floaters constantly going across my line of sight; glare; light sensitivity; terrible night vision including halos and starbursts around lights; dry eyes; loss of focus and binocular vision (ie my eyes not working together in the same way); ghosting; induced astigmatism in my right eye. All of these massively impacted my activities, ability to work and state of mind.

      The surgery didn’t even give me close to 20/20 vision, so I either put up with poor vision or I wear glasses and contacts, neither of which get rid of the above complications.

      I’ve never really coped with all this, and above all the fact that I recklessly chose to have the surgery, and to have it with a company that I now know to be unscrupulous in its pursuit of profit regardless of the human cost. I had a few mental health issues before, but since the surgery it’s been far, far worse and life is above all about survival. I have much less quality of life.

      Having the surgery was, of course, my mistake, but Optimax breached industry guidelines (eg I was only introduced to the surgeon on the day of surgery and was pressed into signing the consent form on the spot by the optometrist/sales person) in making sure that I went ahead so they got their commission.

      I don’t want others to make this mistake. Please don’t have unnecessary eye surgery and definitely don’t go near this company.

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