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      Lee Wilson

      I had lense replacement at the Peterborough branch of Optimax. It appears that I fell for the same sales pitch that everyone else did. I was told after treatment I would only need to use off the peg glasses for reading only. I was told my left eye would not fully benefit from treatment but advised me to have it done anyway. I had the left eye treated first and was massively disappointed with the results but I was told the lense needed to settle down and I had issues with pressure in my eye and was given medication to reduce the swelling. Instead of waiting for things to settle down and assess the success of the surgery they wanted me to maintain the date for surgery on my right eye. As with the left eye, I had massive issues with pressure in my eye, which clearly caused concern with the staff treating me. I also pointed out in my post surgery visits that my vision wasn’t as promised and that I needed reading glasses on permanently which completely defeated the purpose of the procedure. I now cannot drive in the dark because of halos around headlights, I wear glasses permanently and my left eye is barely any better than when I started. It has made me massively depressed and completely regret the treatment

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