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      Inside out

      Disturbing information about this doctor working at Optimax & Ultralase 😦

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      H Guest

      I had laser eye surgery in September 2016 at Optimax Leicester, surgeon was Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch and optometrist Arif Sokwala, my eyes now are irreparably damaged forever, I suffer from severe dry eyes, starbust, halos, and can’t drive at night , need eye drops, need glasses for distance, near and prescription sunglasses when in bright light. Before the procedure I only wore glasses for distance and contact lenses, never ever had any problems with dry eyes.
      At the appointments they lied and promised  glasses free life, they won’t tell you anything about the long term side effects which leave you worse off. I am disgusted how this is allowed in the UK and the laser eye industry is unregulated.

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      Unhappy Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch patient
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      I was about to book eye surgery with this doc but when I googled her name & optimax for reviews this page popped brainer I deffo wont be booking.thanx for your info

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      I just found out about the recall on the lens and honestly, I don’t feel the owner really made any effort in finding me since the operation back in 2006! is anybody getting their money back? compensation? i moved to Canada and was only willing to replace the lens for free and nothing else. Any advice would be grateful! i got a checkup for my cell count in a few days time 🙁


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