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      Good afternoon,

      I was supposed to have LASEK surgery on Thursday 14th April but I cancelled on the day as I lost confidence in Dr Mani and the safety of the surgery.

      My first consultation with Dr Mani was good and he explained that I would need LASEK as my corneas are too thin to have LASIK.

      I was worried and concerned after being told that so I went to Optical Express and asked the optician if I was suitable for LASEK and they informed me that my cornea is too thin “according to international law” and due to that reason I could not go ahead with any laser surgery. They did offer me lens exchange but when i did some research I discovered that I am too young for this as I’m only 37.

      I told Dr Mani that I’d been told by someone else that my corneas were too thin for any laser surgery and he informed me that according to his system I could get surgery and it shouldn’t be a problem but he did not tell me of the serious risks I found out later.

      I was not feeling well on the day of surgery and my blood pressure was high and I was very nervous and worried after what Optical Express had told me so it was absolute luck that there was a demo outside the Optimax building where I was due to have surgery.

      The people outisde gave me information that Dr Mani had not mentioned about how many things can go wrong. They also told me that a number of Dr Mani’s patients are suing him. If I had known any of this from the start I would never have considered surgery. I also have a problem with my left eye and I have now been advised to see a specialist about this and wonder why Dr Mani agreed to operate without checking the cause.

      I went in to Optimax and I was informed at the reception I would not be getting my £500 deposit back when i told them I was cancelling. I waited to speak with Dr Mani but he was busy and I was feeling unwell to wait any longer so I did not even speak to him and left.

      I believe I am entitled to get my money back and would appreciate it if someone could please help me because when I was asked to pay the deposit I was very much surprised that Optimal Vision asked me to pay by bank transfer and not by credit card. I realise now that is probably to stop people like me claiming their money back under Section 75.

      Thanks for your help.



      If you send your phone number to sasha@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk I’m sure she will be able to help you.

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