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      Jane _A

      In 2012 I made the Biggest mistake of my life. I had Lasik at Optimax in Manchester. It’s been completely devastating for not only myself but also my husband and 2 kids. I’m not the person I was meant to be😞. I’ve struggled every day since with poor quality of vision, light sensitivity, headaches, blurry vision to name a few. It’s severely affected my quality of life and mental health, I’ve broken down many times over this, I still struggle to this day coming to terms with my decision. I’ve literally travelled the country looking for answers, and am currently being seen yet again by the NHS, they’ve been really kind. Optimax couldn’t give a damn. I would not wish this surgery on anyone.

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      I can’t say much because of the legal postion I’m in at the monent but this is close to how my eyes feel after my surgery at Optimax in 2019! 🙁


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      Avatar photoOR-Admin

      10th Anniversary commiserations to Sasha Rodoy

      Sasha Roday. Patient Advocate for My Beautiful Eyes Foundation and campaigner calling for UK Government regulation of the Refractive Eye Surgery industry, marks her 10th Anniversary today after her devastating and life changing experiences at Optimax. Unfortunately an anniversary not to be celebrated and we very much doubt there will be flowers, party poppers and cake.

      Sasha’s Facebook page says it all…

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      Carol D

      Thank you for all this information! I called Optimax on Monday this week because I’d wanted laser surgery for years and my Mum showed me an ad in a paper with a story from a model who said how wonderful and easy the surgery was. I was at the point of working out how I could afford it when my best friend found this website and told me to look at it. Decided I’ll keep with my contacts and glasses thanks!

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      Avatar photoOR-Admin

      Hi Carol. We are aware of the advert to which you refer and can say with certainty that Optimax failed to disclose that the model was in fact paid for this. This has subsequently been reported to the Advertising Standards Authority.

      We would like to add that you have made a very wise decision to stick with contacts and glasses.

      Thanks again for your post –


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      Michele Hambach

      Check out for a safe, natural way to vision correction.  It will take years of hard work on your part but you will not be blinded

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