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      Sam Critchlow

      Had a torrid time with optimax paid £1500 to have 2 failed surgeries carried out by Dr Malcolm Samuel, and be left for 3 years without a call back until I pressed them. I first attended in 2017 and in 2021 the battle is still ongoing. In feb 2021 I was told retreatment was denied.

      Had lasek in 2017 at Optimax clinic in Leeds and again on left eye in 2018 both of these were unsuccesful as I “regressed” after 2 weeks. The first time round no scans were taken and I was told to rest and take some steroid drops.

      Recently had a chat with their Dr Mughal and was told that haze they told me was the cause was a symptom and that my eyes “spring back” post laser and this  forms the haze and regression and could have been found post op the 1st time and then i’d have been released without payment.


      Now left with nowhere to go, £1500 out of pocket plus £1000 in additional costs and now sat waiting 20 days for a narky email back from their complaint officer who i’ve emailed before. Last time I asked for a refund they tried to book me in for a check up and the dr tried to justify my expense by saying my eyes have gone from -4 to -2.5 and that this just needs a top up / you can see better than before however I still need glasses all the time to see and I get dry eye / haze a lot.

      Chat with Dr Mughal recently was interesting as he was trying to reassure me by saying “another patient in birmingham has the same issue” it never fills one with optimism when they try to justify their actions to deny treatment based on a failed case.

      Left a review on their facebook and this was deleted within minutes. Will keep an update on here.

      Would be good to get advice from someone with similar experience. Thanks Sam

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      Hi Sam.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave your review – it is appreciated. It’s not surprising Optimax deleted your Facebook review from their site, they are only interested in positive reviews.

      Although you mention you are already trying to get a refund from Optimax and awaiting a reply from them, I would also recommend you contact Sasha Rodoy who is Patient Advocate at My Beautiful Eyes Foundation.

      Here are the details if you wish to contact Sasha: sasha@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk

      It’s also worth reading other reviews on this forum as well as the several dedicated Facebook, instagram and Twitter pages which are trying to highlight the pitfalls of this corrupt and unregulated industry.








      Definitely keep us posted on any developments – stay positive.


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      Following his post on 25th February (above), Optimax made this insulting offer to Sam.


      Note that this includes a ‘gagging order’, which is how Optimax and the rest of the refractive eye surgery industry manage to hide the extent of the irreparable problems people suffer.


      UPDATE 18 March:

      Sam has now accepted the insulting settlement offer from Optimax, and whilst he can’t post we can!

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