I had my lens implant surgery in October 2003, so I believe I was also one of the first to get it done. 18 years later, last month in May 2021, my elderly mother and father got a phone call from Optimax asking for me. I had since moved to Ireland and had children etc. They passed on my details and I received a voicemail saying it was extremely important for me to get my cell count checked and they sent me a letter to the same effect.

I visited the Optimax surgery in Belfast where they were unable to count cells in one of my eyes. The opthalmologist said she wanted a 2nd opinion because she was worried the count was low and that she’d discuss with the practice manager and get back to me.

Yesterday I had a phone call from the manager who said she had talked to a consultant and both lenses would need to be explanted. Needless to say I was in complete shock as 1) This is the first time I’ve ever heard anything from Optimax in 17 years 2) This is the first time I’ve heard about the importance of endothellial cell count checks 3) There was never any mention of the lenses ever having to be removed when I had them done.

I’m extremely upset and worried about this as my cells have been damaged by having the lenses in for so long. Someone should have contacted me years ago to discuss this new information about cell counts then I would have had them checked regularly. I’ve literally heard nothing from them in 17 years.

I now have to travel to London from Ireland, at my own expense, to have the surgery which will leave me with my former terrible eyesight. Also I’m worried about the future health of my eyes once the surgery has been completed as my cell count is so low. This is an absolute disaster and I’ve shed tears over the whole debacle. I am currently seeking a 2nd opinion/advice about the after effects of the surgery and will also be seeking legal advice. Has anyone had both of theirs explanted? How did it go? Did you seek legal advice?