ICL ECC issue.

This is not a review but details of past and present events, written in order to seek further information. The details are accurate as I kept and archived all Optimax correspondence.


I believe I was one of the first patients to receive ICL implants at Optimax in July 2003, my reason for doing so being that I’d been let down by various opticians too many times and Optimax offered a different solution. So following an initial appointment in March 2003 I was referred for a topography and consultation with Dr Jan Venter the following month.

The patient information booklet handed to me made no reference to ICL surgery whatsoever, but I was given a piece of paper with some details containing possible side effects:
“There is also a small possibility of damage to the structure of the eye, which could lead to problems such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, retinal complications, corneal decomposition and rejection”

As all went well with the surgery I was not expecting any of these future complications. I was even told that as the lenses had some UV protection I was less likely to get cataracts!

I had further surgery in Feb 2004, to reposition one lens due to street light glare, and my final aftercare appointment was in November 2004, when I was seen by two Optimax male staff members (possibly optometrists) who told me that although this was the first ICL procedure they had reviewed, all was OK and no need for me to return to Optimax at any time, just visit my optician if I needed to.

Optimax opened a new branch in my local town, and on two occasions, not prompted by any issues, I dropped in to ask whether I could book an appointment for an eye health care ‘piece of mind’ check.

On both occasions I was turned away and told unless there was an issue, ‘we do not need to see you so please go to your optician’. My wife was with me the second time in 2019.


I had no further communication from Optimax after my November 2004 appointment, until last month when I received this letter advising that I urgently needed to make an appointment for an Endothelial cell count (ECC)!

Needless to say, had I had received a previous letter like this, I would have treated it as a matter of urgency, and the letter would be filed with all my other documents from Optimax.

I immediately called and booked an appointment for 28th April. The ECC test that day produced unfavourable results for both eyes. The optometrist was unable to find any previous ECC records from my patient records so no comparisons could be made.

A week later I received a phone call urging me to return for a consultation this week to discuss my options.

I have done some preliminary research and it was interesting to note that two US providers of ICL’s recommended in their 2004 patient information document that an ECC test should be carried out periodically for all recipients. This was never discussed with me before or after my 2004 treatment.

If anyone out there has further information or guidance that could help me with the decisions I have to make, it would be gratefully received.


I would recommend contacting Sasha Rodoy (Patient Advocate at My Beautiful Eyes Foundation) who will be able to offer you advice

Email sasha@mybeautifuleyes.co.uk

Please come back to update us.