Leigh, your story is alot simlar to my experience with optimax for my IOL surgery. I also had, and still have, the exact same conditions you mention in your message. It was 2016 when i had surgery. There weren’t any problems with the surgery at the time and everything was, i thought, going well until a couple of weeks after the implants. i expected dry eyes and ghosting for a few weeks but it never seemed to get any better. Infact the dry eyes got increasingly worse and to this day are a major issue for me. The ghosting and halos and flashes i have learned to live with but it has ruined my happiness and everyday i blame myself for being stupid and choosing to have the procedure – i still have to wear glasses all the time because of Optimax i also have to live with those side affects. I have a strong support bubble and needed counselling to cope with the dark place i was in after the realisation had set in. Optimax offered no support at all. The only positive that has come from this is the amount of people i have prevented from having vision correction at any of the eye surgery places like Optimax and Optical Express.  If i was to hazzard a guess it must be around 20 to 30 people i have discouraged from having laser surgery or IOL implants over the past 5 years.  It doesnt make my life any easier but it gives me pleasure knowing it could be one less person going through what we are going through. I hope you get a good result through your legal route. Good luck