Gavin stevens

Hi, I had LASIK plus eye surgery   at Guildford on 30th May 2012, costing £3590. It was sold with LIFE TIME CARE GUARANTEE!  Fair to say it all sounded brilliant to start with and after the surgery my eye sight was brilliant! After my after care appointments I had been told, ” you have two lines above 20/20 vision, go and enjoy your life”. I was so chuffed and it really did change my life,  I loved it! For about a year now I’ve noticed my vision is blurry, I put it down to tiredness, but I am sure this isn’t the case now. I called Brighton ultralase as Guildford shutdown and Brighton is the closest to me. I got told to go take a normal eye test at my local optitions, send them results and do the same again six months later and they would compare the two, then go from there. Surely ultralase should be testing my eyes and comparing them to the results I had after my surgery?!?!?! They were quick enough to get me to buy the package offered! I don’t want to wait six months! I don’t really want to have my eyes lasered again! I don’t want to wear glasses again! I don’t want to pay any more than I have already! Don’t know where to go with this or what to do?!?! GUTTED!